Prode Reel Splitter

Prode Reel Splitters

Robust, Efficient, Portable

Prode Reel Splitters can be used for splitting reels of tissue, paper, board and virtually all types of plastic film and are manufactured with a range of sizes and loading options (forklift, conveyor or pan) to suit the application. 

A knife beam is connected to two hydraulic cylinders, the knife beam itself contains a hydraulic power pack which actuates the series-connected cylinders to raise itself.  On the down stroke of the knife beam the reel is split in two by the attached knife. On every full retraction of the splitter knife support beam, any deviation from the horizontal plane is self corrected

Prode Reel Splitters are robustly designed with ease of use and maintenance in mind; they are equipped with amply sized hydraulic cylinders and power pack for the required duty.  The Prode Reel Splitter is of carbon steel construction and is a fabrication of formed, welded and machined parts.

Features & Benefits

  • *Splits Reels to enable easier management and movement.
  • *Available in a range of sizes to suit application.
  • *Loading options include Forklift, Conveyor or Pan
  • *Ready to use within existing production lines.
  • *Manufactured from carbon steel.
  • *Designed for ease of use and maintenance.


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