Prode Screw Compactor

Prode Screw Compactor

Robust, Efficient, Economical

Prode Screw Compactors can be used for the continuous de-watering of virtually all types of flexible and fibrous waste with inlet consistencies above 5% bone dry, and dependant upon the type of waste, the operating conditions and the Screening style of the Compactor; outlet consistencies of up to 75% bone dry can be attained in special circumstances. 

Prode Screw Compactors are robustly designed with ease of use and maintenance in mind; they are equipped with an amply sized inlet hopper and screw diameter and all working parts in contact with the waste are manufactured from wear resistant and stainless steels.

Features & Benefits

  • *Minimises waste by recovering waste water that can be re-used in the customers production process or disposed of.
  • *Automatic Reverse cycle built in to cope with waste objects too large to normally pass through.
  • *Robust design.
  • *Working parts in contact with the waste are manufactured form wear resistant and stainless steel.


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