Bi-Water Infra Screen

The Screen is suitable for removal of polythene, plastic, wood & other light debris within the waste water flow of all medium and deep channels.

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Further Information

The Biwater Infra Screen operates as follows:
As the wastewater flows through the vertical grating at the bottom of the infra screen, debris is trapped by same. The debris is intermittently transported upward from the vertical grating; onto the beaching plate and finally over the discharge chute, by 3 evenly spaced carriers fitted with multiple tines. The carriers are fastened to 2 endless chains which are driven by a motorised double reduction gearbox fitted with overload clutch. The electrical control panel includes a timer which can be variably adjusted to allow intermittent to continuous running, dependant on the volume of debris within the wastewater.

The following are available EX-Stock; subject to prior sale :-

1 off Infra Screen (Manufactured in 316 stainless steel) Model No. 800; Serial No. P3092;
remanufactured to ‘near new’ condition
, details as follows :-

Nominal Height above ground: 2899 mm
Nominal Depth in channel: 1175 mm  + or –  250 mm
Nominal Width of channel:   800 mm or greater
Electrical Control Panel Voltage:  110 
Drive Motor Voltage: 415
Drive Motor Kw:   2.2
Drive Motor Poles: 4 (1500 R.P.M.)
Gear Box Manufacturer: Flender
Gear Box Type: CDDA 160
Gear Box Ratio:   418 : 1
Clutch Manufacturer:  Mayr 
Clutch Type:  Ratchetting Torque Limiting 
Clutch Model No.:  494.520.3

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