Voith Purifiers Type S

The Purifier is suitable for the following applications :
1) Preceding refiners (for plate protection).
2) After refiners (for protection from broken plates).
3) Preceding Deflakers (protection in a broke system).
4) In a groundwood system (for grinder grit removal).
5) Ahead of primary and secondary screens (for tramp metal protection).
6) Chip washer water systems (removal of sand).
7) White water systems (removal of sand and sediment).
8) On batch or continuous waste paper pulpers (after discharge pumps).
And anywhere tramp metal, grit, sand & sediment is encountered.

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Further Information

The Voith Purifiers Type S operate as follows:
The stock enters the Purifier through a horizontal tangential conical inlet. The accelerated centrifugal action is affected as the stock spirals downward along the internal wall contour of the vertical separating cones. The undesirable particles, i.e. grit, dirt, metal etc. are forced to the inner wall of the vertical separating cones and carried down into the dirt trap. Any trapped fibres are cleaned by the elutriation water injected into the dirt trap. The clean fibres spiral up and exit out of the vortex finder at the top of the Purifier. Reject material is collected at the bottom inside the dirt trap.

The following are available EX-Stock; subject to prior sale :-

1 off Model No. S2,S3 & S4; remanufactured to ‘near new’ condition, details as follows :-

Nominal Height: 3140 mm
Required Height:   5200 mm
Inlet Connection: 200 mm NP10
Accepts Connection: 200 mm NP10
Dirt Trap Outlet: 200 mm NP10
Dirt Trap Capacity (litres): 10
Elutriation Water Connection: 1/2” BSP
Elutriation Water (litres / min): 30 – 40 (dependant on type & quantity of rejects)
Elutriation Water Pressure (bar): 1.0 above stock inlet pressure
Stock consistency (%):  S3:  3.0 – 5.5
S4:  3.5 – 5.5
Operating Pressure (bar  Max.): 5.0
Outlet Pressure (bar  Min.): 1.0
Pressure Drop (bar):   1.0 nominal
Throughput: S3:  1200 litres / minute at 4.5 % consistency
S4:  1700 litres / minute at 4.5 % consistency

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